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Monday, 10.12.2018
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In the contents of this document the will understand the service provided, in all its component parts, by ADVISOR CORP SRL, a company legally established in Romania which can be identificatied by the following data: Fiscal Identity Code (CIF): RO 16330994, Trade Register Number: J40/6050/2004; Headquarters address: Bucharest, 8th Botorani Ave., 5th District.


We receive and store contact information for all our clients and we use: order confirmation, delivery confirmation, special offers and promotions of site.

The personal data remain confidential to any individual or legal outside the circle of employees and collaborators Confidential information will be disclosed only to specialized institutions in situations where the law requires us do to so.

Besides contact information, the site may store, save, use identifying information (eg cookies, the address IP, resolution video card etc..) of the visitor or user, in order to improve its online browsing. We receive and store personal information of users and from other sources than the existing site.

Products images

Pictures of the products listed on are with illustrative character. In case of floral bouquets or arrangements, we will use same varieties and same colors like in the picture. The difference might came from the flowering stage.

Products replacement

If a product is not in stock will be replaced by another one with at least same value. In the replacement actions, we have a priority on varieties instead of colors. (depending on the stock of flowers from the time of bouquet)


Listed prices contains VAT without delivery fee. For Bucharest city, delivery is free.

We reserve the right to change prices on the website whenever we want without prior notification.


Flowers delivery in Bucharest and surrounding areas will be made daily from Monday to Friday, except legal holidays, between 10AM and 08PM. In special occasions we can be deliver outside this range, but only with a confirmation in advance. We DO make deliveries on Valentines Day, 1 and 8 of March.


All site content is proprietary of ADVISOR CORP SRL. This includes any text, logos, button icons, audio and video, and scripts which run on may NOT be integrally or partly reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold or commercially exploit any purpose without the written consent of ADVISOR CORP SRL.
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