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Monday, 10.12.2018
Flower delivery hours in Bucharest

Flowers delivery in Bucharest and surrounding areas daily from Monday to Friday, except legal holidays, between 9AM and 6PM. In special occasions we can be deliver outside this range, but only with a confirmation in advance.

How long it takes to deliver flowers?

Flowers delivery in Bucharest by is made in a minimal medium time of 2 hours by from the receipt of order and only after payment is made. Flowers deliveries in surrounding areas may take minimum four hours to be delivered.

We can make same day flowers delivery for orders registered on the site, until 17:00 (GMT +2).

How much for delivery fee?

Flowers delivery fee in Bucharest is FREE. For deliveries in surrounding areas of Bucharest, we charge minimum 8 USD.

Area of delivery

We can deliver to any address in Bucharest or nearby areas.
Also accept orders for flowers for any location, including hospitals, schools, colleges, public institutions, etc..

The receiver is not at the address specified by the buyer. What happens?

If, at the specified address is not the person to whom the flowers are intended, we will contact the recipient, over the phone, to get a new address or a different time. If delivery is to Bucharest city we will make a 2nd delivery attempt for free.

If we can't find any person at the specified address and the receiver can not be contacted by phone or the addressee is not in town, the order can be canceled with no partial or full refund of the funds.
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